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Beyond The Obvious is available from a number of book stores and onlines sites around the world depending on the format (hardcover, digital or audio) and the  language you wish.

Note: 100% of the author royalties from the sales of the book are donated to one of two charities: Hacking Autism and Pioneer Education.

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English Version of Beyond The Obvious

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Chinese Version of Beyond The Obvious 


要了解更多关于如何创意经济受益,读 创客学:苹果公司也在偷师的创新课。为什么这本书?出于习惯,我们坚持“明显”的思路,从过去。创新是学习过去,发现未来。这本书是引导你如何释放你的个人的创造力和明显超越始终如一地产生改变游戏的创新。

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Japanese Version of Beyond The Obvious

キラー・クエスチョン 常識の壁を超え、イノベーションを生み出す質問のシステム



Korean Version of Beyond The Obvious

명백함을 뛰어넘는 아이디어 혁신 전략!